ARoS Museum // Aros Allé 2 8000 Århus Denmark // 29 March – 7 September 2014


"The American artist Wes Lang (b. 1972), who lives and works in Los Angeles devotes his art to icons that form part of the American biker culture’s visual universe, including pin-up girls, motorcycles and tattoos. In everything from sketches for paintings, for motorbikes and for Rolex watches, he blends his own personality and manner of life with the mythology of “the American way of life”. He draws on iconic references to rock ‘n roll, the aesthetics of the tattoo, life on the road and American history – and uses them in a both personal and national identity project." - ARoS

In March 2014 I traveled with Michael Barragan of Evil Spirit Engineering to Denmark for one week. During that time we were lucky enough to spend time behind the scenes with our friend Wes while he, ARoS museum director Erlend Høyersten, and curator Lise Pennington put the final touches in the days prior to the opening. We also attended the opening night celebration... a proper American party in the middle of Denmark. It was all such an incredible and unreal experience. Opening night we met Damien Hirst, a collector of Wes' work who was accompanied by Robert of Hoorsenbuhs, along with countless other inspiring individuals from all around the world. I photographed the show and contributed an image to the museum exhibit catalog. Check out a sampling of both below.

Museum exhibit catalog featuring my photograph of SAD BUNNY- 2013 // A collaboration by Michael Barragan and Wes Lang. Custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.